Honest & minimal ingredients

Sourced directly from local farms. Made in North & South Carolina.

  • elderberry

  • aronia berry

  • ceylon cinnamon

  • ginger

  • clove

  • raw honey

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Experience the difference in our fresh organic berries and quality, minimal ingredients.

Honest Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup has been used for health benefits for generations. We are super picky about ingredients and flavor -- so we set out to create our own using only ingredients that nature has provided. We take great pride in crafting ours small batch and from scratch; only adding the raw honey when the syrup has cooled, preserving all the benefits. Honest Elderberry products have been proven for effectiveness and quality and are a trusted source for the last five years. What was once a family prized recipe is now being shared nationwide. 

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young girl drinking honest elderberry syrup

Great tasting

Fresh, true wellness

Unlike most elderberry products that are made with dried or dehydrated berries, we use fresh berries to create a juice-like consistency that all ages can enjoy and actually prefer. We prioritize freshness and strive to preserve the inherent nutrients present in Elder and Aronia Berry without compromising on quality.

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Keep the yuck away

Nature's cold, flu and allergy relief*

Elder and Aronia Berry have traditionally been used as top wellness champions. They're most commonly used for coughs*, colds*, seasonal allergies*, influenza* (check out the Panama study), arthritis* and more.

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Responsibly Made

Small batch for the best quality

Our products are crafted in a commercial kitchen and serve safe certified. We are family-owned and operated!

About Us
  • Fresh & organic

  • Only natural ingredients

  • Made in the Carolinas, USA

  • Serve Safe Certified

  • Family-owned & operated

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