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Elderberry Honey

Elderberry Honey

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  • Fresh & organic
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Made in the Carolinas, USA

Elderberry mixed with raw honey creates a delightful combination of flavors. Elderberry is known for its deep, rich, and slightly tart taste, often described as reminiscent of blackberries or a mix between cranberries and black cherries. Raw honey, on the other hand, offers its own distinct sweetness along with various subtle floral notes, depending on the flowers the bees collected nectar from.

When combined, elderberry and raw honey complement each other quite well. The sweet, floral taste of honey can balance the tartness of elderberries, creating a harmonious and richly flavored mixture. This combination is not only delicious but also often used in natural remedies due to the potential health benefits associated with both elderberries and raw honey.

This reusable glass jar of delicious honey is perfect for spreading on toast or fresh made sourdough biscuits, added to tea or coffee, or taken by the spoonful. 

Ingredients: 10.5 ounces of raw honey and organic elderberry.

This product is shelf stable indefinitely as the main ingredient is raw honey. Store as you would regular honey. No need for refrigeration.

  • Serve Safe Certified
  • Ships in 2 business days
  • Family-owned & operated
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michelle Taylor
Too Sweet

I love the elderberry and I love honey but the two together in my opinion is too sweet. I will buy more of the elderberry, but I won't buy the elderberry honey again

Sandra Davis
Honestly Excellent ❣️

I love this company 💜the only one I buy elderberry from and the honey is heavenly💜 I just ordered the tallow and even received a free tallow butter- both lovely💜 the shipping is fast and beautiful💜 honestly my favorite ❣️

Ask us anything!


What is elderberry?

We call it nature’s immune support.

It is recommended to take seasonally, most days of the week or every day during cold & flu season, allergy season, preparation for or during travel as a preventative or if exposed to sickness. One tablespoon a day for adults and one teaspoon a day for children over one for maintenance/prevention.

Studies show elderberry syrup has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial benefits as well as relieving digestion irritation, supporting the overall immune system.

Can I take this during pregnancy?

All of our products are food-based ingredients with nothing artificial added. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, then you need to avoid. Otherwise, consult with your doctor.

Where are your products made?

Our elderberry products are made in a commercial kitchen in North Carolina and our kits, teas and honey are made in a commercial kitchen in South Carolina. We ship from South Carolina.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Our elderberry products and honey need to be refrigerated. The shrub, tallow products and teas do not.

When will I receive my order?

We priority ship orders within 2 business days. Most customers receive their products within 3-5 days after ordering.

Immune System Support*

Elderberry & Aronia Berry Benefits

Use as daily support and an extra defense while traveling. Get your daily dose of fresh antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with our fresh, food-based supplements.

Live your healthy lifestyle

For all ages!

Our products actually taste good! Create a healthy routine for the whole family with your daily dose of Honest Elderberry.

Our products are responsibly made in commercial kitchens in North and South Carolina.